Garment Alteration Services


Most hems can be shortened, ranging from men's trouser hems to wedding dress hems and can be done in most fabrics, from silk to leather.

Some clothing can be lengthened depending on the style and how much fabric is in the hem.



Open ended zips in coats and jackets, dress and invisible zips, trouser skirt and jeans zips can easily be replaced at very reasonable prices.



Most garments can be repaired depending on the amount of damage and the type of fabric used.



Jackets coats and skirts can be completely relined, this can make a garment as good as new and can give many years of extra wear.



Jackets coats and skirts can be completely relined, this can make a garment as good as new and can give many years of extra wear.



Garments can be taken in, let out, sleeves shortened, straps added, and necklines changed.



Do you have cherished outfits that suit you to a tee but are worn out? Are your all-time favourites no longer available in the stores? What about those classic items that you just can't do without? Our dressmakers can make a pattern from your original clothing, source the closest fabric and re-make your favourites - over and over in any colour you desire.

Bespoke Tailoring

Hand-made bespoke suits and evening wearHand-made bespoke suits and evening wear, beautifully tailored to suit your individual requirements.

At RRA we turn our expertise in bespoke tailoring into hand-made suits and evening wear that everyone can afford.

We pride ourselves on traditional skills, craft, quality and care that go into everything we make and do. For less than the cost of an off-the-peg suit, we can make you a bespoke suit cut from the finest cloth and tailored to the highest quality.

From the moment you come to see us for your personal consultation at a pre-arranged fitting day, to the moment when you slip into your beautifully tailored bespoke suit, every part of the service is a testament to old-fashioned virtues that value individuality.

We make those virtues available to everyone, not just the few. No compromises, no catches, no hidden extras, just a straightforward pricing guarantee.


We create superb hand-made bespoke suits and evening wear individually tailored to your individual requirements.

Curtain Making

Curtain Making.

At RRA we can perform any type of alteration to any type of garment or fabric and we are ready to cooperate with churches, hotels, offices, etc.

We can provide a complete service to you from your own supplied fabrics to making up of any kind of curtains or blinds including beautiful valances, pelmets, swags and tie backs to complete the perfect look. We will also alter 'off the shelf' products to your specification.

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