Garment Alteration Services.

We provide various alteration services in order to cover all your garment alteration needs.
Whether you need a garment to be made, altered, re-styled or repaired RRA is your obvious choice.

Bespoke Tailoring.

Our bespoke tailoring gives you total control over the fabric used, its features, fit and make.

You can be sure that your hand-made suit or evening wear will be fully customised & tailored to your individual needs.

Curtain Making.

Genuine love and care goes into every pair of curtains we manufacture. We're also happy to make them in any fabric you provide. All work is hand made by our own skilled and experienced cutters and sewers.

Welcome to RRA. The leading Tailoring Shop in North West London.

RRA is the leading bespoke tailoring and curtain manufacturering company in North West London.

RRA Tailoring - Our Shop

We have been in tailoring and garment alterations business since 2006, and all our staff are professional tailors and seamstresses with excellent training on cloths and garments.

We specialise on garment alterations & curtain making, and we offer customised tailoring services in competitive prices. With our professional consultation & briliant work, you can be sure that you'll get that quality bespoke service you always needed.


Because we value your time and respect your needs, all assigned tasks are performed with precision and in a short waiting time.

Special Orders.

Special Tailoring OrdersAt RRA we can perform any type of alteration to any type of garment or fabric and we are ready to cooperate with churches, hotels, offices, etc.

Discover the great work we are able to do and find out how we can help you with your special orders.

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